About Judaica Needlepoint

I'm a passionate needlepoint stitcher and have been doing projects for many years. I know how to tell between a good needlepoint canvas and an awesome one. I think I know what you like, too. Here are some things you probably look for in a needlepoint canvas.

You Like Beautiful Design

I invite you to browse my online catalog and be dazzled with stunning designs. These are striking, one-of-a-kind projects you won't find anywhere else. They are fun to stitch and even more fun to finish!

You Like Vivid Color

So do I. All of my canvases are manufactured with high-end industrial equipment, using special ink engineered for garment printing. They are colorfast and retain their brilliance for a long time.

You Like High-Quality Canvas

You came to the right place. All of our designs are printed on the best needlepoint canvas available: Zweigart Mono Deluxe White 100% Cotton. There is no better canvas. It is sturdy and strong, yet gentle on your hands. The bright white fibers help you see, and the 13-count weave helps move your project forward fast.

You Like Reasonable Pricing

Why would anyone pay $300 for a small hand-painted needlepoint canvas? My printed canvases look terrific - even better than many painted ones! And pricing starts at $36 so there's something for every budget. You will find a great design at a reasonable price here.

You Like Dependable Sellers

Trust is important to you - and it is important that I earn that trust. So I stand behind every order I send out. Buy it and get it fast, without paying a penny for shipping. Any problem at all? Just call or write and I will fix it. And if you aren't happy, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. There's a reason why hundreds of customers keep coming back for more.

Easy Shopping and Ordering

This website was built professionally for my needlepoint business. A clean and simple design makes shopping a pleasure. Everything you need to do is straightforward and clear. The product images are bright and detailed. Performance is snappy. And in case something isn't clear, help is just a click or a phone call away.