Free Aleph-Bet Charts

Stitch charts for the Hebrew Alphabet

Counted cross-stitch alphabets are the most sought-after stitch charts. While many such charts exist on the Internet for English alphabets, Hebrew alphabet stitch charts are scarce.

Our mission at is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to do Jewish needlepoint projects. We have provided these helpful needlepointing resources to the stitching public for free. The charts were developed by the folks at Pepita Needlepoint, a great resource for quality needlepoint kits and canvas.

Each of the charts contains a cover sheet with instructions how to use them. The alphabets are available in several different sizes. The height (in stitches) of the letters is clearly marked on each chart, so it is easy to measure your canvas and decide which size is right for what you need.

You may download these charts absolutely free of charge. The files are in PDF format, and they print onto regular 8.5 x 11 printer paper at high resolution. Please tell everyone about these charts and send them here to get them! And if they were helpful with your project, make sure to let us know.