Help with Shipping

Information regarding shipping policies and procedures.

Time from Click to Ship

Pepita Needlepoint will usually ship an order on the business day following the day it was placed. For example, if you place an order on Friday afternoon, the order will ship on Monday morning. During periods of high volume, it is possible that order handling backlogs and this will delay the shipment of your items. However, in no case will it take longer than 5 business days to ship.

Shipping Carriers

At this time, all orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service. If you selected the free shipping option during checkout, the order is shipped using First Class Mail by USPS.

Domestic customers also have the option of choosing USPS Priority Mail for shipping.

For international orders, shipments are sent via USPS Global Priority Mail, also known as Priority Mail International. This is an airmail service that provides customers with a reliable and economical means of sending merchandise to over many countries worldwide. This is the only option available for our international customers at this time. We do allow a package to be delivered to an address within the United States on your behalf. You may arrange this by providing the domestic shipping address during the checkout process.

Time from Ship to Arrival

The amount of time it takes for the carrier to deliver your order is not under Pepita's control. However, generally, the number of days it takes to get to you corresponds to the first number of your zip code. For example, if your zip code begins with a 5, it will usually be no more than five days before you receive your order.

To get your items sooner, you may want to opt for Priority Mail. Customers who have selected this option are given priority during the order handling process, and these go out the door before the other orders for that day. After that it should take about 2-3 business days to arrive.

International orders' delivery estimates vary widely and we can't comment as to when it will arrive at its final destination. You may find more information at the website of the United States Postal Service.

Countries We Ship To

Pepita will ship orders to the following countries:

Austria Czech Republic India New Zealand
Australia Germany Iceland Philippines
Aruba Denmark Jamaica Poland
Barbados Dominican Republic Japan Portugal
Belgium Spain South Korea Saudi Arabia
Brazil Finland Saint Lucia Sweden
Bahamas France Liechtenstein Singapore
Canada United Kingdom Lithuania Turks and Caicos Islands
Switzerland Guyana Luxembourg Thailand
Chile Hong Kong Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
China Hungary Malaysia Taiwan
Colombia Ireland Netherlands Viet Nam
Costa Rica Israel Norway South Africa

Order Tracking

When you complete the checkout process, you will receive an email from Pepita confirming the order. When we ship your order, we will send you another email to let you know. If tracking information is available, it will be included in that email.


Needlepoint canvases are packaged carefully in tough envelopes for maximum protection while in transit. Most canvases do not fit in conventional shipping envelopes without folding. The canvas material is very sturdy and will not be adversely affected. If you order more canvases and embellishments than can fit in an envelope, it will be packaged in a box. If you selected Priority Mail, it will arrive in standard USPS Priority Mail packaging.


If you did not receive the shipping confirmation email, and it is more than 5 business days since you placed your order, it is possible that your email system is rejecting our messages, or you blocked emails from us when you placed your order. It is also possible that you mistyped your email address. To verify that your order was indeed shipped to you or for other inquiries, you may Contact Us to find out. For fast results, include the order number in your message, and an email address or phone number where we can contact you.

If we have confirmed that we shipped the order, your shipping problem lies with the carrier. Please contact them to inquire after your delivery. The United States Postal Service will sometimes not leave a package for you without explicit authorization, so it pays to find out whether they are holding it for you.

Orders that could not be delivered are usually returned to us. If we receive your package back, we will immediately credit your account for a full refund. You can then place another order if you wish.

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